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With 30 years of Industry Experience Pene’s background is diverse.  Settling in Wuhan her goal is to expose and share the knowledge she gained and to create unique experiences along the way.  As a founding member of Urbanomix she believes in the art of collaboration and compromise.  Pene makes a great Gin and Tonic!


Founder / General Manager


Founder of Urbanomix, Adam has been engaged in the Performing Arts Industry over ten years, working in Live Events, Musical theatre, Circus and theme parks.  He is a trained Cellist, skilled Stage Manager and Show caller.  As Urbanomix Adam continues to express his creativity, realising your visions and indulging in his own.

Adam Yang

Founder / Company Director


Musician, Pilot,

Production coordinator.  
After 3 years abroad Peter returns with new perspective and understanding of Art.  At Urbanomix his energy aligns him with kids and adults alike.   Through Creation Peter invites people to let go of city life and explore their true self.

Peter Zhang

Production Coordinator

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